Tuesday, September 8, 2009



My first achievement in Shot-Put - Click Here for details.

I took 2nd position with 10.61 mtrs. in <14 Inter-School District Level Athletics Meet 2009, held at Madhapar - Kutch on 6 September 2009.

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

A beautiful composition, I came across today on web...

રંગ લાગ્યો છે !

ખબર એ તો નથી અમને કે શાનો રંગ લાગ્યો છે,
મળે છે તે સહુ કહે છે, મજાનો રંગ લાગ્યો છે.

ભલે ના ના કહો, એના વિના ન્હોયે ચમક આવી,
તમે મારું કહ્યું, માનો ન માનો રંગ લાગ્યો છે.

મલકતું મોં અને ચમકી જતી આંખો કહી દે છે,
ભલે છૂપી એ રાખો વાત, છાનો રંગ લાગ્યો છે.

નથી લાલાશ આંખોમાં હૃદય કેરી બળતરાથી,
પડ્યા ચરણોમાં એના કે હિનાનો રંગ લાગ્યો છે.

અહીં ને ત્યાં, બધે એક જ સમંદર રંગનો રેલે,
કહેશે કોણ, કોને કેની પાનો રંગ લાગ્યો છે?

થયો રંગીન વાતો લાવતો ગઝલોમાં તું ‘ગાફિલ’ !
તને આ અંજુમન કેરી હવાનો રંગ લાગ્યો છે.

– મનુભાઈ ત્રિવેદી (‘ગાફિલ’ અને ‘સરોદ’)

Sunday, July 5, 2009

A Picture Collage

hi Guyz!

here's a small collage of all the pictures taken on our picnic!

And I have also uploaded all these images in a web album and have also given a link to a slideshow of the same on this page.

Sunday, June 28, 2009

१४ जून २००९ - गढ़शीशा फार्म हाउस पिकनिक


here're the pics of the picnic at last..................

won't be able to upload all the pics here, obviously. So later on will post a link to the uploaded album. All the photos and videos are courtesy - Neelesh uncle. Thanks a lot!

Saturday, June 27, 2009

Asadhi Clouds in Bhachau!

असाडी वाद्डा - भचाऊ में |

Photo's clicked by Raju Uncle, who is currently employed as Manager (Accounts Dept.) in Asia's 2nd biggest Blank Media manufacturing unit, Euro Multivision located at Bhachau - Kutch.

Monday, June 22, 2009

Hot Summer, Long Vacation!


Back after a long sleep! Its very hot these days in Adipur - Kutch, the place where I live. We are all eagerly awaiting rain-gods to bless us soon with His showers.

We Kutchi's also celebrate Asadhi Beej (which is on 24th June, 2009 as per the English Calender). This is a very auspicious day for starting any new ventures, social functions, business & social ties. Its also the KUTCHI NEW YEAR DAY.

I wish, in advance, all Kutchi's residing in & outside of Kutch - a very happy & prosperous New Year -

आं मिडी के नवे वरे जी लख लख वधाईयु |

On 14th of this month, we had gone for a picnic at Mau village of Mandvi Taluka. A family friend has a very beautiful farm-house there. To our pleasant surprise, we found a big swimming pool (actually, it was mainly a huge water reservoir meant for watering the plantation in farm-house).

We requested the owner of that farm-house, & he was kind enough to let us loose into the pool and have fun. We had ace swimmers in Neelesh Uncle, Pulin Uncle & Kalpesh Uncle who were there to guard us against any mis-hap.

We all had a blast swimming in the pool and the playing around the spacious & green farm house. We also wandered into various plantations, & learned a few things about farming. It was a well-organized farm with separate places each for bananas, coconut, mango (my favorite). Needless to add, we also picked & ate our favorite fruits from the trees!!

I will upload a few photographs of our picnic, soon.

bye for now!

Sunday, January 18, 2009


Hi!, I am Rajat Punjani (Sorry, will upload my photo later). I study in Excelsior Model School and am in Std. VII. The subject I like most is Maths, (& hate most is languages!).

A funny mail I got today from my cousin, Sachin :

If some of these Movies were to be named in Marathi, then...

MACHIS............................................. KADIPETI
3] WOH KAUN THI................... KON HOTI RE TI
4] HOLLOW MAN..................... POKAL MANUS
7] SUPERMAN........................ LAI BHARI MANUS
8] SCORPIO KING .................. TATYA VINCHU
9] THE MUMMY ......................AAI

funny, na!

Saturday, January 17, 2009

Makar Sankranti


This is my online diary..

We recently celebrated Uttarayan on 14th Jan '09. I am upping some pics here....

This is my younger bro Dhruv with his friend Pinak holding the firki...
Dhruv was very happy as he enjoys flying kites a lot!

We all had a lot of fun and flew kites for the entire day, from our terrace.

Sunrise Group - Adipur, Jungle Mein Mangal!